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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  September 19, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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>> bear. >> it's a big loss the taxi l lobbyists. uber is smiling up. wynn up 25% in a year. risky but a good one. well, after the debate, can carly fiorina get the dollars and who knew the debate would be the easy part? carly needs to get the cash right now. is she getting it. we have ben stein. dana will be back next week. you have to seize the moment and we're told at least that right now carly is doing just that. >> momentum in politics is everything. and momentum gets money.
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so i can promise you the name recognition is out there. and the hone loves winners. and let me make a point about last month. a gentleman by the name of tom perkins, a big venture capitalist, defended her in a big op-ed, i think a lot of that will start rolling in. >> a significant development, too, because he was an early critic of her steward ship of hewlett-packard. but having said that, what are you hearing out there in terms of the money that might be going her way? >> well, i think she has expensive corporate network number one. thumb two, this is what she's really good at. she's a good campaigner. she has no experience as a politician and i don't think she has a chance of anything to be president, but i think she will get money -- >> wait, wait. you start on the one happened she's a really good campaigner. this is what i heard in high school. yeah, neil has a great personali
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personality, but no way in hell -- what do you mean? >> she speaks extremely well. she's clever, she's good with the one liner. and a lot of her corporate contacts to not want to see donald trump as the republican mom nominee. >> a community organizer who spent two minutes in the u.s. senate is somehow more qualified than a woman who fought her way up the corporate ladder and became the ceo of a company. i don't get that. >> i didn't say unqualified. >> you said she's not good at -- >> i said i don't like her chances at being elected president. >> we'll run the video tape later. but my point is this, i think one of the things that we'll have to deal with is her record at hp. i have a column in the "daily
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beast" this week about it. i think net/net it's positive, but it is something she will have to address. she will have to go to silicon valley and wall street whether she did a good job there and whether that record can be trabs la translated in to a record of being president. >> she's better at defending this record than other business titans have. whether donald trump's bankruptcy or mitt romney -- i think there is more staying power to her. >> adam mentioned she's a good campaigner. she'd made an excellent president in my mind. >> she did lose in california. >> but she's getting a lot of support and i think she'll sky rocket in the next poll. but is she a good fund raiser. you look at her super pacs, jeb bush has 30 times what she has. >> but that's a snapshot in time. ben stein, you could make the
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argument now if she properly seizes the moment, that could change. what do you think? >> well, there is so much money sloshing around out there. just astounding piles of money sloshing around out there. i have no doubt she'll raise plenty of money. she was on fire in that debate. i think her record at hp was disaster and something never mentioned when she arranged the deal with com pacpackpa chlt request, she made a deal to pay herself -- >> that's been mentioned. i mention that in the column. >> but not everybody's read your column. >> her steward ship at hp was decidedbly unfortunate that the, but she is a good campaigner. i love her. i will vote for her. i will contribute to her. >> people are talking about her stewardship at hp and the compaq
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deal and the fact that she paid herself something like $100 million. >> all i'm saying is that in the interim she needs money to keep the momentum going. she explained the whole thing, the merge her. i don't know whether it resonates. but she is resonating for the time onating and she's being talked about every day p and let's not to get a bunch of these other candidates will be bowing out. that will free up money and that money will go to the people with the most momentum. where she does need to work on is the early state, she doesn't have a very good structural organization. that will have to get done sooner rather than later. but i suspect that will get done quickly if she continues the way she's been going. >> the question is who bows out. >> and with women does it help
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that she's up on this stage with other guys and reminds them, hey, maybe this is the next -- >> no doubt. and when you compare her to hillary clinton, you see a very different type of woman. you see someone who looks at women for who they are, not as a political voting bloc. i loved her answer about who should be on the $10 bill. she said i don't believe women are a special interest group. that is powerful. >> adam, it's all about momentum. and i wonder whether that she is more in the kind of traditional conservative republican views on money matters than is donald trump who advocates punishing companies that hire abroad and that sort of thing. whether she would be a far more valid business figure than he would be and ironically the business person the party turns to sptd the billionaire. >> well there, is no doubt she would be a far more palatable
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business person for the republican establishment and for the country. but i actually think this is her great weakness. she is an organization person. and she doesn't have an organization. it's way too late. not too late -- trump is doing what he's doing as a phenomenon. carly fiorina can't do that. she needs a national organization. is it too late to build one. >> i agree that it's late to start one, but looking at this deal right now, we have 14 candidates out there. we have jeb bush that is basically blowing up. he was marginally good during the debate, but not good enough. >> wait a minute. did you look at a calendar? >> i don't care. it's a long way off. >> it's not that long off. >> everybody will flock toe ehe. when i go on the internet now,
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it's no longer trump, trump, trump. i'm seeing fiorina, fiorina, fiorina. she's really getting out there front and center. >> let's not get carried away. who would you rather have leading the country, someone who keeps her own e-mail server or carly fiorina? >> who owns the server. you know political history probably better than all of us put together, but you go through these waves and i think it was four years ago we had a love affair with herman cain and then michele bachmann. but they come and go. is there anything that you see in carly fiorina that suggests she might have more staying power? >> yes. she has a stealing intelligence, she has incredible television presence. i think this woman will go all the way. i could be wrong, i'm sure you all will mock me if i am. but i see it having two where i am candidates going at each
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other and i think carly will be president. and i love her. >> there is no doubt that she was the most commanding presence on that stage and no doubt -- >> by far. other than donald. >> right, the two best personalities on the stage carly fiorina and donald. >> and she beat donald trump when they asked her how she felt about his female remark, she took the high road, she didn't criticize him trekdirectly amer was listening. >> she said she's beautiful. >> when we come back, what if i told you the biggest issue in this race just happened this past week? is that a problem for that particular lady? take on forbes on fox, we could be close to lifting sanctions on iran, but look at what happened to the last rogue nation we rewarded. new they want to use their nukes against us. plus bernie sanders spending
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proposals could cost $18 trillion. where have we heard that figure before? oh, yeah, the debt. ♪no debate 'cause it tastes so great.♪ ♪that's why i got milk face. ♪la-la-la-la-la.
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live from america's news headquarters, hello, everybody. pope francis making his way cuba beginning a historic ten day trip to north america. the pontiff making stops in three cities before his much anticipated arrival here in the united states on tuesday. pope francis set to become the first pope to address congress and r and proclaim the first saint on u.s. soil. in other news frrks the white house to the nationals game, spencer stone taking the mound last night in washington. he threw out the first pitch
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u.s. air force day, an incredible month for the man who helped stop a terror attack on a paris-bound train. now back to more bulls and bears. who am i to second guess the federal reserve, but i built a career on second guessing institutions. there is confusion as to why the nerve didn't raise interest rates and thousand all of a sudden concerns with the markets. maybe a slowdown is coming, make worse, a recession is coming. not only bad news for savers, but maybe for some politicians, particularly those in the party that controls the white house, right shall. >> no doubt about it, this was a questionable decision for sure. and i go back to the february congressional hearing where republicans brought up the point that this federal reserve does look like a federal reserve that bows to political pressure. janet yellen meets with democrats far more than
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republican. >> you and i know that is always a charge. >> it is. >> any decision they make, it's skewed because it must be political. >> when you get decisions as questionable as this one, that's when the political -- >> plenty of economists who have no ax to grind say it was perfectly justified. >> and plenty say just the opposite. >> i think you're a hater. ben stein, what do you make of this? regardless of whether you think the federal reserve is, working at anyone's behest, it obviously reflects a slowdown or concerns of a slowdown that would never help the incumbent party in the white house, right? >> i don't think that the federal reserve under miss yellen is any more than politically attuned than any other federal reserve. they're always politically attuned. so that's nothing new. but what i think is going on that is hilarious is saying
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we'll wait until after market turmoil ends. market turmoil never ends. market turmoil could begin again in five seconds. so that is a ridiculous bad joke on the part of the federal reserve. >> but i think ben she is an idea log aologue and she looks s not growing fast enough. maybe you should tell her about all the people that need jobs in california. >> bad policy -- >> go ahead. >> with all due respect, if she thinks that bad policy will raise wages, she really -- >> ben, she does. she said it p. >> i want to stay on topic. regardless of whether you think that she's leaning or not, my concern and my issue here is if you're hillary clinton, should you be concerned? in other words, are we looking at a slowdown as charlie has reported very well that camp's
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biggest fear is a recession, that this long in in the tooth recovery stops? >> let's talk markets. if the transports which have basically crashed, the semiconductors which have basically crashed, are an indicator of the future of the economy, yes, there will be a big slowdown and i'm pretty darn sure that this federal reserve is seeing that. and by the way, they are not independent, they work at the behest of this administration. there is no doubt in my mind they should have been raising rates a long time ago, but they're watching the markets and the economy and they do not want it heading south. thus you saw -- >> the political thing with aniany any administration, and i've covered them for years, but i will say that in the post greenspan era, they obsess over these markets and trying to keep
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them happy. and i think that's a fool's game. >> excellent point. >> you'll never make the markets happy. they're sulking babies. >> whether or not it's a fool's game, i think neil to the extent that the economy is going to be an issue for hillary clinton, the die is cast here. she will make the case are you better off now than you were eight years ago. no matter what happens the next 12 months. but neil, i'd like to know what you think, i don't think the economy will be the number one thing for hillary clinton assuming she's the nominee. >> two quick things, one, i ask the questions here. secondly, we don't need -- i'm kidding. you don't need much for this to dip into negative territory. we're barely growing.
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>> how do you know what -- that the economy swont won't be an i? it's always an issue. >> let him explain. >> it's always an issue. that's a given. let's say we have a bad year. that's not good. is it better than 2007, 2008? >> negative gdp growth to run on. >> gary, quick final word. >> just remember what happened '07/08. republicans lost because the market got trashed. if that happens again, the administration in power loses going forward. >> janet yellen, low energy. low energy. >> great. >> is that good? >> he sounds like james cagney. that is not donald trump. >> low energy. >> when we can come back, you see what is going on in europe with millions of the syrian refugees flooding the countries.
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they're building wire fences. europe now putting up barricades. the presidential candidate who is saying we'll take a lot of them, about seven times more than what the president wants to take.
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coming up, give me your tired, poor and rioting refugees. why we could see this on our borders if one presidential candidate gets his
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mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. all right. this is the scene in europe now. the detention centers, areas cordoning off thousands of refugees. millions when all is said and done. martin o'malley is arguing that the white house instead of recommending 10,000 syrian
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refugees here, more like 60, 65,000. what are we to make of how this becomes an issue? >> that's a ridiculousle statement to bring 60,000 syrian refugees in. look, david cameron, prime minister of england warned 2 out of every 100 are part of isis. we are bringing in isis sympathizers. a warning the president should admonish. martin o'malley irresponsible to suggest bringing them in at that number and risk our national security. >> ben stein? >> there is an amazing crisis brewing in europe of these immigrants, muslim immigrants raping german women and raping their own women. their misconduct and criminal behavior has been well documented. bringing 65,000 of them? i don't think so. we have enough crime in america right now. take them in one by one after they have been carefully vetted, not ahead of hispanics who are here to work hard, tonight take
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them ahead of canadians. there is no reason to bring in a flood of potential criminals. >> where are the millions going to go snm sp they should fight for their country back. >> or go to europe. >> europe should step up. >> our immigration system is already broken. we are 19 trillion in debt. we are a half trillion in deficits every year. we're not even taking care of our veterans an now 65,000 people? >> absolutely right. >> absolutely right. >> all right. >> thank you, ben. >> wait. if you're saying we are doing everything we can now which is nothing then we don't do anything for these people at all? >> i completely disagree with absolutely everything that the rest of you have said. when people are dying, when they are being harassed, doesn't matter. >> the christians are dying. the christians --
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>> the richest country in the world helps them out. >> christians are being persecuted there. and the left wing of the country -- you, your president. >> that's an un-american thing to say what you are saying now. >> it could be 7 or 8 million more. i want to thank charlie. when we come back, stocks ready to take off even if stocks keep swooning and the fed just does nothing.
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>> rates are down. con edison, 4% dividend and i can sleep at night. >> emerging markets are more
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sensitive to high u.s. interest rates than u.s. companies are. they do well. >> ben? >> sdy, high dividend index. >> we'll leave criticism for the next week. thank you, guys. >> the iranians treat it like it's toilet paper. one of us this stage will absolutely not honor that agreement and will destroy it. >> another deal the media treated like the magna carta, the nuke deal with north korea which ended up, of course, with a nuclear north korea. in fact, north korea's dictator announced he's ready to use their nukes against us now. hi, everybody. welcome to forbes on fox


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